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Not enough closet space…

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So our house has 3 closets and when the skids get bigger, they will want to have a closet of their own. I'm currently using the closet in SD's room. DH has one in the bedroom, but it's small also. Does anyone else use a closet in someone else's room? Im worrying about when they get older what the heck am I going to do? 


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If sharing closets are inevitable, why doesn't DH share a space with HIS child?

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Our house is the same. We have 2 coat closets so I use one that's in the hall... My husband gets the one in our room. Though I actually wear maot of my clothes, he hardly wears any of his from the closet.

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Move your things to the closet in your bedroom and get the totes that slide under the bed. Whatever doesn't need to be in the closet can go in the totes 

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How often are they there? If it's EOWE, maybe a simple rail (like a rack) in both rooms would do? Or, as they're still quite young (4 and 8, right?), you could plan to buy a better equipped house before this happens? If you're planning on having your own children, changing houses would probably be the best solution.


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I say this with kindness but have you thought about therapy for aniexy?  You are stressed about closet space that will only become an issue when the skids are bigger.  You were worried about beach photos and your DH talking to a co-worker.  None of these are realy worries for today.  Are you sure that you false aniexties aren't masking something else?

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The AccudentalSM/- OMG why does everyone on here tell others they need therapy??? She was just asking a question and for so many of us SM's every little thing becomes a big issue if it revolves around Skids. Just read Merrigans blog about the hair tie. 

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Because she's created multiple accounts to ask the same questions over and over?  Because it's actually a kindness to recommend that someone get help for unchecked anxiety?    It takes courage to face your own issues and tackle them.

Just like you and everyone else on this site, she can disregard the advice and TASM wasn't rude about it. 


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Well, some people live in denial or even after others pointing out they can see deep issues, refuse to accept this. Thye just don't realize they need it.  I'm not one to willy-nilly recommend therapy but this OP definitely needs it- her posts are quite alarming to me- the level of anxiety she has over NORMAL every day actions/decisions is very concerning.  

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We store things in SD's closet but none of our clothes. I would never want to have her going through my things.

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Maybe look at captains beds for the kids so that they have extra storage drawers under the beds? I can't imagine that they will have too much that has to be hung for quite some time. When you get to that point, maybe it is time for a new house?