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Welp that job didn't last long - SD was fired but not fired

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So SD didn't have any hours last week and then couldn't see the schedule for this week.  She finally called..and yep no hours this week.

The manager told her to start looking for a new job since they cut down on hours due to new hires, etc and that she would basically not be working. 

So  SD was fired without being fired...

Just shaking my head...I saw it coming since she couldn't count change and has trouble following directions.  Oh and was way to worried about how she looks....



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Apparently, cutting hours is a newer "tool" used to avoid actually firing someone. The not-actually-fired get fewer and fewer hours until they're a) working too few to be if any use so they seek employment elsewhere, or 2) not working any hours.

This is the first I've heard of someone being told it's due to new hires. Usually, it's simply "there's not enough work".

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Literally my 20 something SD has had 5 Fulltime jobs in the last year alone and got fired and quit every single damn one ! And my wife continually tries to force me to talk some "sense" into her ... what the hell can I actually say that would motivate her if getting pregnant and being damn near homeless following the boyfriend from house to house didn't motivate her nothing will... It sucks that NOT ALL BUT SOME PARENTS really think we are COLD HEARTED as step parents when we have boundaries and one being if your teenage / adult child is able to work than they should , We don't or won't tolerate interacting with their lazy kids , the entitlement and guilt parenting is at an all time high these days ! I legitimately have disengaged from My Adult S/D because she is lazy as hell and such a mooch ! I hope things gets better for you 

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Wow, if they're hiring new people yet cutting SD's hours, she must not be a very desirable employee. That doesn't bode well.  

Is she not particularly bright?  Counting change isn't a high level skill.  

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I think we have the same SD.  Killjoy18 started her first job ever a month ago.  Her hours just got cut because of a bunch of new hires.  Why hire new people when you already have her?  I'm guessing because she's a turd?


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My SD16 just plain quit because they went too fast and talked about things she 'didn't like'...this was October...she is holding out to work with she still is jobless