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Sugar Mamma that's me... :)

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Talk of vacations or lack there of by HCBM's reminded me of Beaver back in the day.

After the divorce DH was pretty much in the hole every month.  He was paying CS, the mortage on the marital home till it sold and still have to support himself.  Plus he got stuck with most of the marital debt....oh joy.  Needless to say the guy despite making almost 3 figures was broke as a joke.

Enter me...I'm not rolling large but I'm not broke either.  So...we decided to take a vacation to parts in the south.  Nothing fancy..just rent a condo at the beach and go for a week. 

DH sent Beaver an email telling the information regarding our vacation.  DH went to get skids from Beaver and she marched up to the car and promptly spit out.


I see youuuuurrr gooooinnnnng on VACCAAAAAAATIIIOOONNNNNNN.  DH is like yes we are.  Beaver's response..."Must be niiiccce to have a sugar mamma."  

Dh just smiled and replied back...Yes..yes it is nice.  And with he rolled away....laughing.


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These cows I swear it's a wonder they never seem to find another man to deal with their bullsh*t (eye roll).

We couldn't have nice things or do nice things because Meth Mouth would drag DH to court to try and get custody back. In her mind we owed her the drug money she lost when she lost custody.

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Ridiculous... because their ex husbands are suppose to support them for all eternity, never move on, or have nice things. 

(Piggy backing off my blog) BM acts like she's fooling SO when she makes these comments. Like lady... you are talking to the guy that is supporting your 3 kids with literally 0 coming from you. It's not like 3 teenagers are cheap on top of mortgage, regular bills, etc. AND we are aware of all the extra money you are getting....and.... you have a husband who's house you live in soo... 

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because their ex husbands are suppose to support them for all eternity, never move on, or have nice things"

Exactly.  When Chef and the Girhippo broke up, she had him thinking that he owed her his ENTIRE salary for the REST OF THIS LIFE...and he BOUGHT it  (for a while)

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I once picked up these beautiful white eyelet Ralph Lauren dresses when my stepkids were little and they had never been worn and still had the original $100 price tags on them. 

it caused such a stink when DD's dad gave them to the girls. North Korea said if he had money to go buy them dresses for $100 then he should be giving her even more money 

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Whatever we did or had, SD and BM felt they should have the same at their house.  I think they were thinking "parity". We had a nicer house (because we BOTH WORKED) and many things were new because she and my ex had ripped us off.  There are 1,000 examples.  The first year we were together, at Christmas time, I suggested we should put up some lights outside.  DH said no because then he'd have to do the same at BM's house.  It never stopped until BM moved out of the marital home, got married and all 3 SKs moved in here.

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Our BM loves to pull this card. Basically if DH and I do anything for ourselves, she expects more CS. She makes more than DH by $20k and is with her GF who makes $150k per year. I make a decent living, but between DH and I, our household income combined is half of BM and GFs.

BM and GF both bought new cars last year and they just bought a really expensive 3,000 square foot house together. DH and I moved into a new 900 square foot apartment and I just bought a new car to replace my 11 year old one and BM's response was "If you are so financially stable and can afford a new car and a new rental, why aren't you paying more toward SS?" Then the bills for school supplies, sports, clothes, and even a $10 prescription came rolling in. DH paid half the prescription for "out of pocket" medical as court ordered and ignored the rest, telling BM to "use my CS, that's what it's for."

DH and I scrimped and saved to go on a cruise for our honeymoon and we have gone camping with my parents a few times. My parents offered to take DH, SS9, and myself to Disney with them a few years back and the answer from BM was "must be nice!" yet BM has taken SS to Disney before and next year, she wants to take SS to Europe for 3 weeks so she can't be that poor off. 

I hate women like this who feel entitled to every dime just because they are the MoThEr. 

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Right after FF's 22nd bday last month, DH and I went out on a REALLY nice dinner date that I paid for. I posted pics on Insta, thinking "whatever FF will see them so what..."

Then TT stuck her ugly potato head in there "your daughters feelings are so HURT you went out to dinner with your WIFE. You chose your WIFE over your child and did nothing for her on her bday, and your WIFE sent her a present..."

His response was classic "well, if my WIFE wants to take me out for a nice dinner Im not going to complain and Im not going to say no". LOL.

FF and TT can go jump off a cliff with their guilt tripping and money grubbing ways.

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BM pays no bills has a job and gets $12,000 is tax returns annually. She chooses to spend her money stupidly. But then has the audacity to tell SKs I am just trying to buy Thier love with my money because I make sure their basic needs are met.

You know things like clothes, a bed to sleep in. 

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Early in our relationship, Satan told DH I am his sugarmomma, and later in the same conversation, that I was a gold digger.

You know, because that's all any relationship is based off of.